I want to Deal with Syrian President First then Iranina President the Next

Straight to the point, I want you to help me get a pulpit to stand on media publically and operate in the Supernatural Tornado Miracle Authority and Power of my God he has vested in me to deal with leaders and thier Governments.

I want to start with Syria and Iran will be the next. All they have tried to briing a solution to the violence in Syria is a wastage of time. I have a solution in the name of my God.
Its time I Act immediately to cause an instant supernatural dawnfall and rise of leaders in nations of the world. Find a way to have me speak out against the wicked leaders.

2. I have a booklet which I have written. Its about my life time experience, my miracle healing testimony and messages talking about Racism which have beccome the order of the day.

3. I want you to help me get in touch with President Barrack Obama to communicate to me wery quickly and I will tell him what to do. God has brought me on his way as A special High Adviser in the name of the Lord to help him out the President Obama before it gets too late. Something unbeliable as a shock is visiting him I Political Governancy. I need to hear from President Barrack Obama talking to me very Quickly. Thank you for acting in time. The waiting is over! No time to waste. We can’t watch things go wrong again!

Enough is enough. The suffering of people, death and destruction of people has reached to the grip of God. Its time. Help me out now!

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Al Jazeera focuses

Al Jazeera’s English-language channel has produced riveting television on Egypt’s popular uprising, despite the cancellation of the network’s broadcast license by the Egyptian government. Scenes of high drama were punctuated by nuanced snapshots of small moments. In one birds-eye shot from a Cairo building, a man on the street holding up an anti-Israel sign, printed on a piece of fabric, was approached by another man, who engaged him in animated conversation, gesturing repeatedly at the sign. After first shaking his head and holding the banner higher, the first man, with apparent reluctance, folded the cloth and walked away.

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